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    • Includes title search fees, title insurance, registration fees, etc.
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    • (Paid to the Minister of Finance)
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    • This quote includes all costs and services associated with a normal purchase, refinance or sale of a single family residence. If applicable, this quote includes the cost of title insurance and the review of one status certificate. Additional fees may apply if title to more than one property is involved and in the rare event of unforeseen complications or circumstances.

      The land transfer tax amounts above are estimates based on the selections you have made. Please contact our office to find out the exact amount of the first-time homebuyer's rebate that may be available as the availability of the rebate depends on, among other things, spousal status and residency.

      If you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, there may be a non-resident speculation tax in addition to the above amounts. Please contact our office to discuss.

      Please note that an additional fee of $250 will apply if we receive mortgage instructions from your lender less than 48 hours prior to the closing date for your purchase.
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