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  • Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan

    A "non-resident speculation tax" is expected to be implemented in Ontario together with an expansion of rent control

    On April 20, 2017, the Ontario government announced a series of measures that are intended to temper the soaring real estate market in and around Toronto. The two most significant aspects of the province’s 16-point plan are the introduction of a “non-resident speculation tax” (“NRST”) and the expansion of rent control to all private rental… Read the Article
    • April 21st, 2017
    • Published in: Tax
  • Land Transfer Tax – Part 1

    Top 5 Questions About Ontario and Toronto Land Transfer Tax

    Land Transfer Tax is something that we get asked about all the time. We’re going to answer the top 5 questions we’re asked about Ontario and Toronto land transfer tax. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us. We’ll get right back to you. 1. I’m buying a house in Toronto. How much land… Read the Article
  • Land Transfer Tax – Part 2

    If my spouse is a first time homebuyer, do we qualify for the Land Transfer Tax Refund?

    We are often asked questions about the provincial and municipal land transfer taxes. The most common question is, of course, “How much land transfer tax will I owe?”. You can easily get an answer by using the our instant calculator on our Quote page. A little less common, but perhaps more interesting, is the following… Read the Article
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